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Article 1 - Name.

A non-profit making association called “Asociación de Deltas del Mediterraneo (DELTA-MED)” has been constituted in Amposta (Tarragona). It has legal personality and full capacity to operate in accordance with what is stipulated in article 22 of the Spanish Constitution, the Organic Law 1/2002 of March 22 regulating the right to associate and the other current legislation.

Article 2 - Corporate Objectives.

The objectives of the Association are to constitute a permanent forum in order to analyse, discuss and deal with the specific problems of a natural, water, coastal, environmental, economic production and social nature concerning the Mediterranean deltas, particularly with a view to achieving sustainable development in these deltas. In addition, its operations can be extended to dealing with the problems involving the Coastal Wetlands of the Mediterranean area where there are similar issues to those which concern the deltas.

Article 3 - Functions.

1. In order to achieve its corporate objectives, the Association will carry out the following functions:

a) Organise meetings to deal with the problems of the deltas and, when required, the problems of the Coastal Wetlands, and invite experts in the different specialised areas.
b) To draft proposals and recommendations with a view to promoting the most adequate solutions to the problems of regression, subsidence, salinity, the effects of climatic change and general environmental degeneration in the Mediterranean deltas.
c) To receive and disseminate information on programmes and activities which the public administrations carry out, especially in the states of the European Union.
d) To collect and channel the proposals of the Associations, Foundations, Corporations and Organisations which operate in the deltas and in the Coastal Wetlands, independently of whether they are members of the Association or not, in order to comply with the corporate objectives with a view to ensuring the development of economic activity and preserving the quality of the life of the inhabitants.
e) To draw up reports on proposals, plans and programmes which might affect sustainable development in the delta areas and which are demanded by Public Institutions and Administrations which have competence as regards the deltas.
f) Any other operations which are deemed to be necessary in relation to its objectives, including the financing of its structure.

2. The Association will publish an Annual Report on the problems of the Mediterranean Deltas and on the operations carried out by the Association during this period.

Article 4º.- Registered Address.

The Association has its registered address at the headquarters of the Comunidad General de Regantes del Canal de la Derecha del Ebro, Passeig Canal 11, Amposta (Tarragona) (Spain).

Article 5º.- Duration.

The Association has been established for an indefinite period of time. It can be dissolved at any time by agreement of the General Assembly. The agreement to dissolve the Association will be adopted in accordance with what is laid down in these Statutes.

Article 6º.- Commencement of Operations.

The commencement of operations of the Association will take place on the first day after the approval of these Statutes.

Article 7º.- Territorial Scope of Operations.

The Association will develop its operations on Spain, without prejudice to the fact that it may organise activities within the framework of its corporate objectives in other countries of the Mediterranean where it has members or in collaboration with other physical or legal persons.